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It all began with a passionate barbecue enthusiast named George Stephen, who invented the world's first kettle grill in 1952 – a grill that ended up changing the barbecue culture throughout the world. He did not do it in order to enrapture the whole world – he simply wanted to find a way to barbecue better steak for his family and friends. And he succeeded! That is now over 60 years ago.

"We are not metal benders – we are in the entertainment business". That brief sentence sums up Weber. For us, a grill is much more than a grill – it is a focal point for unforgettable experiences. This was the philosophy George Stephen founded Weber on... it is the philosophy that has revolutionised the world of barbecuing... and it is the philosophy that still permeates Weber today.


Warranty Information

The warranty terms listed below apply to current year models and are for informational purposes only. Please refer to your Owner's Guide for the warranty terms that apply to your particular product. If you do not have your Owner's Guide, please contact us so that we give you all required information about your BBQ warranty. More information: LPG grills,Charcoal grills, Q type grills (electric & LPG)

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  1. Lighter Cubes - Weber®

  2. Canister for Baby Q - Weber®

  3. Briquettes 4Kg - Weber®

    Special Price €12.99 Regular Price €13.99
  4. Wood chip blend, pork - Weber®

  5. Wood chip blend, beef - Weber®

  6. Apple wood chips - Weber®

  7. Whisky Wood Chips - Weber®

  8. Small Roasting Shield - Weber®

  9. Cookbox Scraper – Weber®

  10. Apple Wood Chunks - Weber®

  11. Set of Salad Bowl (D: 14cm)- Weber®

    Special Price €14.99 Regular Price €22.99
  12. Hickory Wood Chunks - Weber®

  13. BBQ Oil Non-Stick - Weber®

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