Broil King

Broil King

Broil King has a wide variety of gas grills for those who want to enjoy every day the tranquility and quality of life in the countryside, garden or on the terrace.

Broil King is a Canadian family-owned company that has been manufacturing high quality gas grills for more than two decades. The main guidelines for the manufacture of its products are efficiency and durability, something that has become a practice over time.

Broil King grills are No. 1 in sales in Canada and the company has a global reach so you can often find a BBQ Broil King in homes, gardens and terraces in both North America and Europe.

When you get a BROIL KING barbecue at home you will realize that it is ...

more than just a barbecue ... it's a great barbecue every time

Waranty Information

The warranty terms listed below apply to current year models and are for informational purposes only. Please refer to your Owner's Guide for the warranty terms that apply to your particular product. If you do not have your Owner's Guide, please contact us so that we give you all required information about your BBQ warranty. More information

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  1. Bottle Opener - Broil King®

    Special Price €8.00 Regular Price €9.00
  2. Drip Pan (10pcs) - Broil King®

  3. Grid Lifter - Broil King®

  4. Apple Wood Chips - Broil King®

  5. Grill Tong, Baron - Broil King®

  6. Narrow Topper - Broil King®

  7. Spring Coil Brush, Baron – Broil King®

    Special Price €25.00 Regular Price €35.00
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