Cookina® - The Company

COOKINA® inc., Is a family business, which has ecological products, which make cooking, baking and grilling very easy and practical. The new technology non-stick baking films COOKINA με is an excellent tool, top in terms of design, safety and operation. COOKINA®, is a company with a priority of customer satisfaction, from the design, manufacture and promotion of its products. The main guides for the manufacture of its products are innovation, quality and ecological awareness. COOKINA® products are sold in more than twelve thousand stores in eight countries around the world. COOKINA® offers a level of quality that you can always count on. Baking with COOKINA®, becomes very easy and healthier than ever!

Warranty Information

COOKINA® is guaranteed against faulty workmanship or materials. The COOKINA® Ring is our symbol of quality and authenticity and can be used to store your COOKINA® after use. This warranty does not include damage due to misuse and improper care. Stains, discoloration and scratches are not covered by this warranty. More Information
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