Briquettes 4Kg - Weber®

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Briquettes 4Kg, ready to use in 20 minutes.

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Give your perfect cut of meat the best fuel. With the Weber Briquettes you’re off to a good start with fast and easy ignition and they burn long and strong. Being 100% natural with no added chemicals, all you will taste is pure food.

They are ideal for direct and indirect grilling and smoking. With the new waterproof zip closure, you will always be sure that your briquets will remain dry.

Construction study:
After investigations, Weber created this shape in the briquettes with the two parallel grooves. So the air flows around and the briquettes light up evenly and quickly. Thanks to their special design, you only need 20 minutes to turn on your briquettes.
All the briquettes are manufactured to the exact same size. Thanks to this consistency, the heat is evenly distributed and a controlled temperature during grilling is achieved.
In addition, their large size and shape ensures that they need fewer briquettes for grilling, since each briquette emits constant heat for up to 3 hours. These briquettes are ideal for grilling at high temperatures and lower temperatures, such as slow baking.
Grilling becomes cheaper and more efficient.

Construction is made in Europe from untreated wood chips. They are certified as a friendly product for the environment, certified by FSC.
Step 1: Chips are compressed into a briquette shape.
Step 2: Combine with a natural binder without toxic chemicals.
Therefore, when grilling, no charcoal or smell is lost in the food.

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Briquettes 4Kg - Weber®
Special Price €12.99 Regular Price €13.99
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