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The history of TOJIRO® knives began with the manufacture of stainless steel fruit knives that was released in 1955. At that time, it is said that the stainless steel blades were not quite sharp compared to carbon steel. Therefore, TOJIRO® has continued to manufacture "cutting-edge knives", continuously improving and progressing  their manufacture. Today, its corporate message is "more than just plain sincerity". It wants to deliver not only sincerity but also the feeling that a knife fits comfortably into your hands. She continues her efforts to carefully build knives so that a unique TOJIRO® knife offers the greatest satisfaction to her customers.

Covered steel is the material most used in its production, which is forged in the same way as the traditional Japanese sword "Katana" from Tamahagane..

Both tradition and innovation exist in its production process. Its knives are produced with traditional techniques and modern industrial technology, so they are held with the highest respect not only in Japan, but around the world.

TOJIRO® continues to manufacture the highest quality knives in this area where the spirit and manufacturing techniques have been delivered since antiquity. Tsubame, where the TOJIRO® factory is located, is a metallurgical industrial area called "Tsubame-Sanjo". Since the construction of the Wakugi (Japanese nail) began in the early 1600s.

The company's four principles are:

  • Good faith
  • Sincerity
  • Assessment
  • Creation

The TOJIRO® logo was created from 4 images of Fuji Mountain, and has become the brand of the company since its inception. Every image of the mountain is one of the four company's principles that wants to achieve a position at the highest point and be the "number one in Japan" at the manufacture of knives industry.

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  1. Tojiro® Pro Fish Tweezers

  2. Chef Knife 18cm with Stainless Steel Handle Pro DP Cobalt - Tojiro®

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  3. Chef Knife 18cm, Zen - Tojiro®

  4. Chef Knife 21cm, Zen - Tojiro®

  5. Chef Knife 24cm with Stainless Steel Handle Pro DP Cobalt - Tojiro®

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  6. Boning Knife 15cm, DP Cobalt - Tojiro®

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