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Ronneby Bruk

Ronneby Bruk® is one of the leading companies in the manufacture of cast iron utensils, using top quality raw material as well as traditional casting process. The result of course is unique utensils that stand out for their design and quality, top performances and durability.

The Ronneby area in south east Sweden has a rich tradition of producing cast iron cookware. This tradition is still vivid, and is carried on by Ronneby Bruk® and its production of thin wall cast iron products. The product mix consists of traditionally sandmoulded cast iron as well as the more recent lightweight cast iron cookware.

In company’s efforts to reduce the impact on nature it only use, by the Swedish KRAV foundation, environmentally certified rapeseed oil in the preseasoning process in its Kallinge factory. It does not use any artificial coatings for its natural cast iron, and certainly not palm tree oil.

In addition to its cast iron cookware the company also produce high class tri-ply cookware in copper, stainless steel cookware and cuttingboards in oiltreated Beechwood, and also a wide range of stainless steel vacuum products.

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