Large vacuum bags 25pcs (28cm x 36cm) - STATUS®

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Large Status vacuum food bags, ideal for storing food in a vacuum. The package contains 25 pcs.

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Product Details

Status's large vacuum food bags are ideal for storing food in a vacuum.
You can store various types of foods such as large pieces of fresh or processed meat, homemade bread, pastries, cakes, vegetables, fruits or whatever you want to preserve. Foods stored in vacuum bags do not dry out, soften, soak or harden as the air cannot affect them. Foods are vacuum packed by means of vacuum packing machines.

During the packaging process, oxygen is removed, thus extending the shelf life of your food from 6 months to 18 months by storing it in the freezer. Foods, such as pork, sausages and similar products, are kept longer without any alterations.

Basic features

  • Made of double layer PA/PE foil 
  • Hard material that ensures to be more puncture-proof than similar bags on the market.
  • They are reusable
  • Neutral in taste and smell
  • Bag dimensions (WxL): 28 x 36cm
  • Origin: Slovenia
  • Each set contains 25 pieces.


  • First, warm up your vacuum packing machine without using a vacuum bag. Close the lid, push the Seal button and press down on the lid.
  • Place the edge of the bag filled with food on the first sealing strip of your vacuum packing machine. 
  • Apply the Bag button and press down on the lid. Wait for the process to complete.
  • Food is stored in vacuum and ready for quality storage.

Vacuum bags can be used with all types of vacuum packing machines.



Vacuum bags are suitable for reuse as long as their length allows it. Clean them in your dishwasher or under tap water. Before reusing them, make sure they are completely dry.


Did you use a large vacuum bag to store food that you need and use often, but in small amounts? For example nuts or frozen berries? You can re-seal the bag as long as its length allows it. You can also seal it using Power seal. In the latter case the contents of the bag will not be stored in vacuum but will still be packed in an airtight environment.

Large vacuum bags 25pcs (28cm x 36cm) - STATUS® logo
Large vacuum bags 25pcs (28cm x 36cm) - STATUS®
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