Hickory Smoking Pellets, 450g - BBQ Delight®

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BBQ Delight® Hickory smoking pellets, to give a strong smoky taste to your roasts.

Product Details

These BBQ Delight® Hickory smoking pellets are made of natural wood and produce a stong taste of smoke to your roasts, suitable for all meats and game. When the pellets are made, all the air inside the cellular structure of the wood is evacuated, thus concentrating the wood in a very dense form, much denser than the natural tree. Compared to other wood flavor smokers, pellets produce faster, more intense smoke that seals food, locks in natural moisture and adds flavor to tobacco just when needed. BBQ Delight® beads are 100% natural, without chemicals, oils or other additives!

Basic features

  • 10 uses per bag (only 1/3 of a cup per use is required)
  • Easy to use with all grills: Gas, Charcoal, Electric, Smoker
  • No need to soak
  • Made in the USA

Quantity: 450g

Hickory Smoking Pellets, 450g - BBQ Delight®
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