Olive BBQ briquettes 10kg - KLIMIS

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Olive BBQ briquettes 10kg, free of chemicals, without smell.

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Product Details

Nitrogen charcoal! A pioneering, innovative and European award-winning product for barbecue.

The production and distribution of charcoal in briquette is a process that began 2 decades ago, won both the domestic and the international market and was awarded a Greek and European patent by the Industrial Property Organization and the European Patent Office.

Its production is environmentally friendly since no cutting of trees such as charcoal or wood processing residues is applied, but it is used for the production of olive oil, a residue from the production of olive oil that is considered a solid biofuel. Its use does not cause an increase in emissions of Earth's greenhouse gases.


  • They do not smell
  • They do not smoke
  • They do not fly sparks
  • They light up very easily
  • They do not contain chemical additives
  • The flavors of roasts are highlighted
  • Maximum calorific value 6366 kcal / kg

Ease of use:

To light the core, insert some briquettes into a special charcoal chimney or use an electric charcoal.Then, carefully place briquettes at the bottom of the surface and insert more if necessary. Once the briquets get a light gray color you are ready to bake.

Why choose briquettes instead of charcoal:

  1. You do not have to wait for the flame to bake, the kernel does not make a flame, just when the briquets blush and emit heat you start!
  2. You do not have to break the big pieces of woodcarp when the fire drops and spread them on the baking surface, the kernel has a uniform shape and you simply spread it.
  3. You do not have to carve the charcoal when baking to light and move it, with the core charcoal just move some briquettes to the points you want to shift the intensity of the fire.
  4. Nuclear charcoal releases 30% less carbon monoxide than the known charcoal

The product is also available in a 3Kg package.

Olive BBQ briquettes 10kg - KLIMIS
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Olive BBQ briquettes 10kg - KLIMIS
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