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The GrillEye® Max Starter Pack is an instant, ultra-precise, wired "smart" thermometer for your grill or smoker that measures the temperature of both food and ambient and notifies you when your food is ready, wherever you are. The package includes 1 probe.

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Product Details

GrillEye® Max is the 1st instant, ultra-precise smart thermometer. It warns when your dish is ready, wherever you are. Grilleye Max remembers the history of your grilling process for the perfect results. Moreover, it updates itself so that you are always up to date! Grilleye Max thermometer, uses the Hyperion app that allows you to monitor an unlimited number of devices in every Grilleye's Hyperion App. Grill Eye Max is also totally accesible for blind and visually impaired individuals. If you have a large barbecue (like offset, large cabinet smoker etc.) or if you grill does not have side tables to support the GrillEye thermometer, the GrillEye® wire extension is necessary for you.

In the Box

  • 1 x GrillEye® Max, smart thermometer
  • 1 x GrillEye® Iris, instant & ultra precise meat and ambient temperature probe
  • 1 x Probe wrap
  • 2 x Clips for ambient temperature readings
  • 1 x Quick user manual
  • 1 x USB type-C cable for charging

Basic Features

  • Instant and ultra precise food temperature measurements (within 2 seconds)
  • Accuracy: ± 0.1οC / 0.18οF
  • Max Tolerance: 300οC / 572οF
  • Temperature Measurement Range: - 40οC - 300οC / - 40οF - 572οF
  • Drop-resistant Device
  • 360° rotating body
  • Strong magnetic mount
  • Screen automatically divided to number of probes connected
  • Readable screen on direct sunlight / at night
  • Set-up wizard and app guide installed
  • Probe placement tips
  • Time-to-ready estimates
  • USDA-ready presets
  • Custom & Customizable presets
  • Celsius or Fahrenheit scale selection
  • Graphs with filtering options
  • Multilanguage & Easy to use app
  • Device alarm activation / deactivation for overnight smoking
  • Compatible with iOS & Android devices (Hyperion App)
  • Bluetooth Range: 100m (*measured in open field without obstacles)
  • Uses FDA & LFGB certified probes
  • Battery Type: Li-Ion, 2500mAh
  • Device Dimensions (DxL): 6 x 13 cm


  • iOs or Android phone or tablet
  • Wi-Fi® access with active internet connection
  • iOS or Android phone or tablet equipped with Bluetooth® v.4.2
  • Compatible with iOS devices (iOS 12 and above)
  • Compatible with Android devices (Android 8 Google Play and above)
  • It only works with GrillEye® Iris probes
Smart WiFi Thermometer, GrillEye Max (Starter Pack) - GrillEye® logo
Smart WiFi Thermometer, GrillEye Max (Starter Pack) - GrillEye®
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