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This iGrill® Pro Meat Probe is ideal for measuring the temperature of your roast, during barbecue or cooking at the oven.

Product Details

The iGrill® Pro-Meat probe is stainless and ideal for measuring the temperature of your roasts, barbecue or cooking oven. Monitor the internal temperature of large pieces of meat as they are baked so that you know their exact temperature. It also provides the ability to track up to 4 pieces of food at once.

The cable wraps around the unit and snaps together with other sensors for storage. It is a useful and necessary tool for the Grill or BBQ when grilling or baking with the lid closed. Set the temperature you want and stay calm that your food will be cooked properly thanks to the iGrill.

You do not have to be "up" from food until it cooked. Just set the time and maximum temperature through the special free application and you will receive alerts if your meat is not at the right temperature you have set. Even if your appliance's liquefied gas is finished, you will be informed about the drop in temperature immediately, so cooking will not stop in the middle.

In the box you will find:

  • 1  probe (iGrill Pro Meat Temperature Probe)
  • 1 accessory to wrap
  • 4 colored markers for probe

For operation, one of the following thermometers is required:

  • iGrill2
  • iGrill 3
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