Nonstick Barbecue Square, 40 x 40 cm - Cookina®

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Cookina® double-sided non-stick barbecue square, perfect for use in all type of barbecues, to avoid sticking of roasts, on the grilling surface.

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Product Details

Perfect for all types of barbecue, gas grill, charcoal and electric!

This Cookina® double-sided, non-stick barbecue sqaure mat, is designed specifically to sear your food. It's the best solution to grill small pieces of food, fish, vegetables, meat fillets and patties. Due to its design, it doesn't allow food to stick on bbq griddles, keeping them juicy and making perfect grill marks. It is easy to clean, after grilling, you only need to wash it, with a dilute solution of warm water and soap, by using the sponge, you find in the packaging. After washing, it is ready to be used again, without having any odor or flavor from your previous grilling. Caution: No warm-up is required!

The set includes:                                                                   

  • 1 Barbecue Square
  • 1 Special ring for storage   
  • 1 Special sponge for cleaning of the membrane 

Βασικά Χαρακτηριστικά

  • Can be used on both sides
  • Can be cut to desired size
  • Do not fold or crease
  • Store flat or rolling into the Cookina® ring
  • Do not place it in direct contact with flames, burners or heating elements
  • Don't overlap 2 non-stick mats
  • Do not use scouring agents
  • Don't use above 288° C (550 ° F).
  • Made by PTFE
  • Free PFOA (Laboratory Tested)
  • Compliant with FDA (Αμερική) & LFGB (Ευρώπη).
  • Dimensions (LxW): 40 x 40 cm
Nonstick Barbecue Square, 40 x 40 cm - Cookina® logo
Nonstick Barbecue Square, 40 x 40 cm - Cookina®
Special Price €15.90 Regular Price €17.00
In Stock
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