Himalayan Salt Plate 30x20x3.2cm - Saltic®

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Grilling plate made entirely of Himalayan mineral salt for delicious cooking and impressive serving.

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Dimensions (D x W): 30 x 20 x 3.2 cm
Weight: 4.3 kg

The Saltic grilling plates are made entirely of Himalayan mineral salt and will provide you with an unparalleled taste and healthy cooking experience! Impress your guests and your family by cooking and serving your meals on these plates! Saltic plates can be used as dishes, platters, cutting surfaces, cooling plates and more. Their use in cooking is a new way of cooking used by great chefs to offer their customers a unique dining experience and a unique aesthetic effect on the table! When it comes to heating and cleaning, salt plates need special care in the beginning. The first time you use them you should be careful. In the first uses slits and cracks will appear and their original pink color may change to a whiter one. It is normal and you should not worry, with uses and washings you may find that it regains some of its original color. To grill with Saltic salt plate, they should be at least 0.5cm thick. Put the plate on the gas eye, in the oven or on your BBQ (charcoal / gas / electric), pour on it, the spices of your choice, without adding salt and cook everything like meat, seafood, fish, vegetables, eggs.

If you want them to be less salty all you have to do is coat the plate and the food with oil and let it cook!

PREHEATING: Due to the fact that the plate is mineral it should be heated and cooled gradually.

1. For gas cookers
Place the plate on the kitchen eye. Set the temperature to low and allow it to warm for 15 minutes. You may notice moisture accumulating on the edges which will evaporate as the plate heats up. The slower you do it the better!

2. For electric cookers
In electric cookers, there is less humidity and a more even distribution of heat. If heated to the kitchen eye use a pastry form or a wok stand or a metal object to lift the plate slightly above the stove. Set the temperature to low and allow it to warm for 10 minutes. Then continue to the desired temperature. Due to the fact that the plate is mineral it should be heated and cooled gradually.

3. For BBQ (LPG / Charcoal / Electric)
Place the plate on the grill of your bbq. Adjust the temperature on ladder 1. After 10 minutes raise the temperature to 3 to allow the plate to adjust to temperature change.

Cleaning and Maintenance: Allow the plate to cool completely. Wipe it with a wet sponge / cloth. Scrub vigorously on areas where food residues (fat) may have stuck or crystallized. Dry it evenly with a soft cloth or paper. Let it dry naturally in the air and store it in a humid place!


How salted will the food be?
The amount of salt that enters the food depends on the amount of liquid in the food, its fat content, how hot the salt plate is, but also how long you cook on it.
To make them less salted, coat the plate with pure olive oil (good quality) to create a natural film and after burning, top it with olive oil again, and put on it that you have chosen to cook! If you want to reduce salt even more, go with olive oil and your food.

Himalayan Salt Plate 30x20x3.2cm - Saltic®
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Himalayan Salt Plate 30x20x3.2cm - Saltic®
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