Set of Four GrillGrates, for Weber Q200 (34.92 x 44.45cm) - GrillGrate®

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GrillGrate®️ Set of 4 aluminum grids (34.92cm) with cut corners, perfect for grilling without flare-ups. Perfect for Weber grills: Q200 / Q2000 / Q2200 / Q2400 and for Napoleon TravelQ Pro285 series grills.

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Product Details

Eliminate the unwanted flare-ups during grilling and upgrade your grill with the innovative GrillGrate® grids! Whatever barbecue you have, no matter how old it is, you will be able to cook whatever you want, without being bothered, from flames and flare-ups.

American GrillGrate® gridls are made of Anodized Aluminum, a material that absorbs and diffuses heat evenly and more efficiently, than Cast Iron and Stainless Steel. They have holes in specific places to drain the fat, but without creating flames that touch the food. They are reversible and you can use their both surfaces. Use the side with the rails up, for a traditional grilling (fish, steaks, ribs, vegetables, etc.) or flip them over on the flat surface, to keep moisture in your roasts (burgers, shrimp, bacon, etc.). The innovative GrillGrate® grids are compatible with all types of grills (electric, gas, charcoal, pellet, ceramic smokehouses, etc.) and can be placed either on top of your existing barbecue grills or replace them. Thanks to their special notched design, you can connect as many grids as you want in a row, to form a continuous surface. For easier cleaning, you can use the GrateScraper and the special cleaning brushes. In addition, GrillGrate® has the most useful accessories for grilling: The GrateTool (spatula) and The GrateTong (tongs).

Basic Features

  • Made of Anodized Aluminum
  • Patented Raised Rail Design
  • Conduct heat more efficiently than cast iron or stainless steel
  • Reversible Panels
  • They do not rust
  • Max Heat: 459οC (850οF)
  • Do not use Oven Cleaners
  • The package includes 3 grill panels & 1 Gap
  • Panel Dimensions (LxD): 13.34 x 34.92 cm
  • Gap Dimensions (LxD): 5.8 x 34.92 cm
  • Overall Dimensions (LxD): 44.45 x 34.92 cm
  • Fits Weber Grills: Q200 / Q2000 / Q2200 Q2400
  • Fits Napoleon TravelQ Pro285 series grills
Set of Four GrillGrates, for Weber Q200 (34.92 x 44.45cm) - GrillGrate® logo
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