Pulse 2000, with Cart - Weber®

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Electric barbecue (2000W), two resistors and built-in iGrill technology and base, making it ideal for use in small spaces such as your balcony.

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Dimensions with side-tables folded
Width :110cm
Height with the grill lid open145cm
Width :90cm
Grate dimensions
Width :49cm
Surface:1.911 cm²
6 Steaks
Carton dimensions
Width :80.5 cm
Depth:63 cm
Height:70.3 cm
Weight44 kg

Product Details

The Weber Pulse 2000 grill combines new technology with the traditional barbecue experience in the comfort of your balcony. It is built on the modern lifestyle, without having to worry about any limitations on the use of LPG or charcoal. Its special construction offers innovative technologies that do not exist in any other BBQ in competition. With the special cart you can take your grill higher and move it easily!

The accurate barbecue temperature control system is provided by the dedicated LED display on the front control panel, while the built-in iGrill technology enables you to further control the temperature of your roasts. Keep track of your food from start to finish by monitoring its temperature via Bluetooth on Weber's free iGrill application on your mobile phone in real time.

Basic features:

  • Type of Grill: Electric
  • Base: Open Planning with Reclining Side Base
  • Two Resistances
  • Thermal Power: 2000 W
  • Cast iron grids with porcelain coating
  • Body and lid made of aluminum
  • Stainless steel handle
  • Aluminum heat retention cover
  • Fat management system
  • Removable parts eg front panel for easy cleaning
  • Operation button with built-in RCD safety feature
  • Built-in clip for secure cable routing
  • Built-in iGrill technology (Use with Weber's iGrill free application)
  • Electronic temperature control
  • Status light
  • Digital thermometer with LED display
  • Includes 2 Meat Temperature Probes (Has 4 Probes sockets)
Pulse 2000, with Cart - Weber®
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Focusing on Details

Electronic temperature control
Grease Management System
Toll Hooks
Pulse 2000, with Cart - Weber®
or from 173,75 €/month
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