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Weber® Scourer with a metallic cleaning head, perfect for the effective cleaning, of cast iron plates.

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Product Details

This Weber® scourer has a durable wire-mesh and a round handle with a special case to pour detergent. It is ideal for the effective cleaning of your cast iron utensils (such as cast iron cooking plates, cast iron pans and cast iron dutch ovens / pots) from dried / burnt food residues / debris. When the wire wears out, you can easily replace it, by using the replacement wire heads.

How to use it

Place the scourer on the plancha, lightly push down on the handle button to release the dish soap, and start scrubbing. Do not use on a hot plancha!

Basic Features

  • Heavy duty wire-mesh (bristle free design)
  • Handle with detergent case
  • Metallic hook to hang it
  • Dimensions (D x H): 10 x 10 cm
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