Santoku Knife 18cm, KAIJU - SAMURA®

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Santoku Knife 18cm from KAIJU series of Samura®. Is ideal for cutting meat, fish and vegetables.

Product Details

This Santoku knife from KAIJU series of Samura®, is a universal knife, which in Japanese means "three virtues" since it can be used to chop meat, fish, and vegetables. Its nose is sharper than the chef's knife, and its short blade length makes it ideal for chopping your food. Its light weight makes it comfortable for frequent use, while the grooves on its blade hold air so that food (especially fat) does not stick to its blade when cut. Samura's KAIJU series consists of knives, forged, one-piece, decorated with a stunning design, high quality stainless steel blade and special wooden handle. This knife will impress you both with its quality characteristics and its unique design.

Basic features

  • Material: Hammered Japanese Stainless Steel AUS8
  • Blade hardness: 58 ± 1 HRC
  • Handle Material: Wood
  • Hand sharpened for excellent first-use performance
  • Blade length: 18.7cm
  • Overall Knife Length: 31cm
  • Weight: 163g

not dishwasher safeWe don't recommend to wash knives in dishwasher machine.

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