Hickory Liquid Smoke 148ml - Stubbs

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Stubb's smoking liquid smoke to give to your food a smoky flavor.

Product Details

If you are looking for the real smoked meat flavor without using a smoker, this is the right sauce. Stubb's Hickory (walnut) smoking liquid will give your roasts a strong, smoky flavor.
All ingredients are natural and gluten free: Water, tamari sauce (water, soy, salt), sugar, salt, spice mix (brown sugar, salt, distilled vinegar, caramel color E1500, natural smoky coconut flavor (10%) , (maltodextrin, natural smoky flavors), garlic powder, onion).


  • Portion Size 1 tsp (16g)
  • Portions per container (about 9)

Amount per 100ml - 5ml

  • Energy: 109kj / 26kcal (100ml) - 5 kj / 1kcal (5ml)
  • Fats: 0g (100ml) - 0g (5ml)
  • Carbohydrates: 5.9g (100ml) - 0.3g (5ml)
  • Proteins: 1g (100ml) - 0.1g (5ml)
  • Salt: 4.5g (100ml) - 0.2g (5ml)
Hickory Liquid Smoke 148ml - Stubbs
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