Heat resistant 5 finger gloves with silicone - Hendi®

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Hendi® 5 finger gloves with silicone, for great cooking skill and protection from high temperatures.

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Product Details

5 finger gloves specially formulated to protect you from high temperatures during cooking or grilling. They have silicone on both sides, ensuring you maximum ability, either right-handed or left-handed.
It is particularly easy to clean and is the perfect grilling accessory that each cooker should have due to its specially crafted silicone motifs.
The pack contains 2 gloves.

Basic features

  • It has silicone on its 2 outer sides, e
  • Resistant to temperatures up to 350˚C
  • Convenient Application
  • Easy to clean
  • Glove length: 30 cm
Heat resistant 5 finger gloves with silicone - Hendi®
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