Fireplace and bbq lighter - Looftlighter

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Fast, safe and eco friendly lighting for the fireplace and the barbecue.
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Product Details

Looftlighter is the fastest and safest solution to turn on your charcoal barbecue or fireplace in just 60 seconds.
It has a long cable and a built-in bottle opener.

Used for charcoal, briquettes or wood.
After ignition you can either leave the bbq / fireplace on its own or you can speed up the process by keeping the Looftlighter in the same spot so that the charcoal / wood is ready immediately.

It is one of the safest marketable solutions for lighting a fire. The aluminum cover protects against heat and helps the Looftlighter cool down immediately after use.
It only emits hot air which makes it safe for the environment and humans as they are not used chemically for fire and therefore have no harmful carbon dioxide emissions.
Basic features:

  • Power supply: 1500 - 1800 Watt / 230 V
  • Maximum temperature: 600ºC
  • Length: 45cm
  • Diameter: 6.5cm
  • Weight: 880gr.
  • Cable: 3m
  • It has a built-in bottle opener
  • Aluminum Heat Shield


Fireplace and bbq lighter - Looftlighter logo
Fireplace and bbq lighter - Looftlighter
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