Traeger® - The Company


TRAEGER® started 30 years ago in Oregon, USA, and continues to lead the industry as the # 1 global marketer, refining the art of cooking with wood, over time. A Traeger® 100% pellet grill will change the way you grill because it has the ability to achieve the perfect result every time!

Traeger's pellet grills offer a smoky flavor to your meal, from a mildly sweet aroma using cherry pellets to a heavily smoked mesquite wood pellet. They are ideal for all cooking methods, function as a barbecue, an oven, a smoker with a taste of natural wood. Traeger's pellets are made from 100% pure natural hardwood, giving you authentic taste and nothing else. Grilling has never been easier - just place the food and forget it, let Traeger offer his magic with wood.

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