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Samura 侍 is a modern manufacturer of high quality Japanese knives and kitchen accessories. It has been operating in this area since 2003, where it began manufacturing its first series, with companies MAC and Mcusta. Today it has 4 production plants and manufactures 18 different sets of knives and a wide range of kitchen accessories. The manufacture of all of its knives is, for the most part, manual. The ideal knife for Samura®️ should be light in weight with a high toughness and sharpness, forged, made of hard steel, with good geometry, perfect balance and precision in every detail! All these years, Samura®️'s main focus has been on applying the principles and practices of Japanese philosophy and tradition to making knives durable and easy to use.

It is known that authentic Japanese knives, as they are made of high carbon steel, are easy to rust and are brittle (they can easily be destroyed, even with a small bone). The aim of the company was to eliminate these weaknesses, while maintaining the cutting edge, with excellent sharpness. For this reason, Samura®️ has chosen to blend the best Japanese steel with Swedish for the manufacture of its knife blades (Rockwell Hardness: HRC 58-61). The knife blades are sharpened by hand on special 17-degree strings and have a special design (low taper on the back of the blade) that gives them excellent performance. The result will amaze you, with its durability and sharpness. Finally, the knife handles are made from premium materials (Micarta, G10, solid wood, soft-touch plastic, Kraton and composite materials) and have a contemporary design to satisfy even the most demanding chefs.

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  1. Grand Chef’s Knife 24cm, PRO-S LUNAR - SAMURA®️

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  2. Knives set of 3 pcs, BLACKSMITH - SAMURA®️

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