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After five years of continuous and successful presence in the Greek market, SALTIC products, in spite of the difficult times we are living in, where the quality has been sacrificed on the altar of money, our goals remain: high quality, authenticity, creation of unique products and the absolute satisfaction of our customers!

As is now well-known, SALTIC is the first but also the only Greek commercial company dedicated in the extraction and marketing of mineral salt (known as pink Himalayan salt). This ensures absolute control and quality in the offered authentic mineral Himalayan Saltic salt but also in all of our products and innovative constructions that are based on that.

The food is also the carrier of life force and energy but also of a “sensual” and extraordinary taste experience (see our suggested recipes!).

SALTIC products grows, based on your own requirement, by creating new products you can always trust and also the series of SALTIC GOURMET with unique and fine products always true to our philosophy!

When using high-quality products that don't contain the synthetic preservatives present in today's products and that don't have "degenerated their biological identity" from the ongoing processes and mutations, but keep the harmony and the natural force of the environment, then they can only be therapeutic and useful to humans!

All the methods and processes that we use are natural and environmental-friendly.

We thank you all for this long and ongoing authentic relationship and trust by offering you always the best products at the best price!

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