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Outdoorchef AG is a subsidiary of the Diethelm Keller Group, a globally operating Swiss holding run by its founding family in its fourth generation. The history of the Diethelm Keller group dates back to the 19th century, when two young pioneers, Wilhelm Heinrich Diethelm and Edward Anton Keller, sailed to the Far East. Edward Anton Keller joined an import company in the Philippines in 1868, while Wilhelm Heinrich Diethelm also gained a foothold in the trading industry in Singapore in 1871.

Over the years, both developed into successful and respected entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia, while maintaining strong links to Switzerland. In 1945, the two men joined forces and launched commercial ventures in the Swiss market. Together, they devoted themselves to both imports and exports into and out of Switzerland. Over the years, the two groups developed a carefully selected trading portfolio and in July 2000, they finally united to form the Diethelm Keller Group. The brand portfolio of the Diethelm Keller Group includes luxury furniture brands such as Dedon and Garpa, the Globetrotter travel portal and OUTDOORCHEF.

The grills manufactured by OUTDOORCHEF are exclusively designed and developed by innovative Swiss engineers. Although its grills are constantly being improved, the core idea behind our unique gas kettle barbecue that allows easy, versatile and healthy grilling has existed for over two decades. The Swiss company OUTDOORCHEF is still passionately committed to making barbecuing a relaxed, fun-filled experience that brings people together and lets them share fun-filled moments.

The funnel – the heart of the kettle barbecue which revolutionised the grill market 25 years ago – has been retained by OUTDOORCHEF to this day. OUTDOORCHEF proven funnel system also prevents unwanted flare-ups in our innovative 21st century grills, while its spherical shape ensures perfect heat distribution. With the unique OUTDOORCHEF indirect grilling method, the barbecue becomes a recirculating grill system and is thus ideal for gently cooking meat (especially large pieces) to tender and juicy perfection – with no need to turn the food to be grilled. This leaves you free to spend more time having fun with your guests.

Thanks to their versatile features, the grills from OUTDOORCHEF can replace an entire kitchen. The double burner is ideal for slow roasting/simmering at low temperatures as well as grilling, baking and boiling at high temperatures. From meat and crispy pizzas to fresh bread and paella – enjoy culinary creativity without limits.

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