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Napoleon® is recognized as one of the best managed companies in Canada in providing quality home products for over 44 years.

It specializes in the manufacture of products such as grills, barbecue accessories, fireplaces and heating and cooling products. Its products stand out for their advanced features, their quality construction and performance, but also for their masterful design.


Warranty Information

Your favorite Napoleon product comes with a warranty covering the repair or replacement of parts that have a problem free of charge, if it is found that it has not been used recklessly. Valid from the date of purchase and only with the relevant receipt or document. Attention, the warranty period varies depending on the type of barbecue and the individual components and peripherals. Refer to the relevant table and product page. More Information

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  1. Grid Lifter - Napoleon®

  2. Side Shelf Mat - Napoleon®️

    Special Price €15.00 Regular Price €29.90
  3. 3-in-1 Roasting Rack - Napoleon®

    Special Price €22.50 Regular Price €44.90
  4. Stainless Steel Marinade Injector – Napoleon®

    Special Price €24.00 Regular Price €34.90
  5. Smoke Tube – Napoleon®

  6. Smoker Box - Napoleon®

  7. Charcoal Baskets – Napoleon®

  8. Cast Iron Reversible Griddle for Rogue 365 & 525 - Napoleon®

    Special Price €59.90 Regular Price €64.90
  9. Stainless Steel Rib Roast Rack, Pro - Napoleon®

    Special Price €65.00 Regular Price €84.90
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