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The idea of ​​FLAVORITS® was born in 2015 by famed chef Lambros Vakiaros. He was often traveled and has worked with distinguished chefs from around the world and they all passionately insisted on a common finding. Food should work as a fuel. Be as tasty and nutritious.

Somehow, she began to observe the eating habits of the people around me. Try to understand, because in eating, it drives our emotion and we refuse to listen to the logic. Try out many recipes and experiment with dozens of ingredients in the kitchen.

Wondering how a meal can be just as delicious and healthy?

With much passion and enthusiasm, unlimited love for creative well-cooked food, he prepared a series of five spice mixtures. Five functional packages with blends of spices from selected materials that will satisfy your emotion and logic with just one move.

7 + 1 Reasons to Select FLAVORITS®

  • Explosive Flavor
  • Easy and fast
  • Zero Calories
  • Low in Salt
  • Without preservatives
  • Gluten free
  • Natural product
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