Bisetti - The Company


Founded in the second part of 1800 by Abramo. The craftsmanship of turned wood, typical of Strona Valley and of the towns that nestle on the northern sides of the lake Orta, belong to a centuries old tradition.

In the XIXth century, even though production methods have improved with the adaption of hydraulic system & turning machinery, Bisetti® strived to remain faithful to the handcrafted originals.

In the 1945 Giulio (Ambramo’s son) besides the coffee bean grinder introduced peppermills. In the fulcrum of this tradition Bisetti® was founded in 1945. It is one of the few that even today continue to produce table and kitchen tools in turned wood.

During the 80s new stylish objects were introduced, thanks our production is a combination of the wise mastery of traditional craftsmanship using the most modern equipment. Each product is entirely produced in their facility in order to guarantee the highest quality control.

The production has not been and will not be moved to the Far East in order to guarantee and maintain the high quality standards that distinguish their “Made in Italy” products.

Bruno Bisetti took over the business in 1984 and changed the company from a craftsmanship into a modern company.

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